real estate seo companyIf you are a real estate agent and would like to get your homes sold quicker, look no further. With our SEO strategies, we can take your website and place it at the top of the search engines (such as Google and Yahoo) resulting in more exposure to your listings which equals more sales and more leads.

As a Top Real Estate SEO Services Company, we understand that in real estate everything is about location, location, location, and the same goes for SEO. If you’re not on the top of the search engines then you’re losing out on exposure and essentially losing business and potential real estate clients.

Now, with larger companies like “Zillow & Homes.com” is SEO for real estate agents still a good ROI?

Well consider this…

The search term “homes for sale in paradise valley az” gets a total of 320 searches per month! Yes some of these searches are done by agents, but even if 50% of the people looking for this search term are agents, that’s still 110 searches per month done by potential clients/buyers.

realestate sold online

Now the median sales price for homes in Paradise Valley AZ for Jan 14′ to Apr 14′ was $1,275,000. If you captured 10% of the 110 searches that is 15.4 visitors to your website. If 20% of the visitors turned into a lead that is 3.08 leads a month. Now if 33% (which is low) of those leads turned into a client that is 1 client a month from SEO. If you earn 3% commission on a $1,275,000 sale, well…. you do the math and tell me if SEO is worth it.

This is why the top real estate agents come us to get SEO done. All of our clients remain confidential and we never rank your business against another client.

Redline SEO Services is one of the Top 10 Real Estate SEO Companies in the nation.

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